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Leisure Fiberglass Pools

When you choose Aquaholics Pools for your new swimming pool, you get access to the revolutionary fiberglass designs created by Leisure Pools. You can have a cutting-edge design that perfectly complements your home, plus you get Leisure Pools' exciting features.

  • Ultra-narrow coping for a maximum surface-to-site pool ratio and the most pool your yard can handle

  • A special ledge around the inside perimeter that provides additional safety for children and non-swimmers

Quality and style from a pool industry leader

With a fiberglass inground pool from Aquaholics Pools, you get a stunningly beautiful pool at affordable fiberglass pricing. Market research and computer-aided design enable Leisure Pools to create pool styles and sizes that complement your home and suit your budget.

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Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, Aquaholics Pools has a Leisure Pools' fiberglass pool that looks great with it.

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Water Features & Wall Panels

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